About Us

About Us

History of our Auction Site

Twelve years ago, The Morton Foundation (DBA- The First Tee of Central Ohio) was looking for way to raise money to support the costs of our program. During a casual round of golf one day at The Golf Club (A top 100 golf course) in New Albany, Ohio by the founders of the foundation, a suggestion was made. “What if one of the members were to sponsor a group and give the opportunity for avid golfers who may never have the opportunity to play on that course the chance to do so?” The foundation would charge a fair price that covered the cost of the guests and their caddies as well as raise money for the charity.

The support for this concept was overwhelming. Not only did we receive strong interest from groups wanting to play, but during those rounds we also detailed our mission to those playing. In return, groups started offering up the opportunity to host a group at their facilities to help our foundation.

As the number of facilities grew, we needed to find a way to promote and sell these new opportunities. This led to the birth of Auction at The First Tee Central Ohio (hence the name, Auction@TFTCO). We now can play host to over 40 top notch facilities (20 in the top 100) across the country. We will continue to promote our mission and this great opportunity to play these facilities and give to a charity that makes a difference in the lives of our children here in Central Ohio. Our goal is to offer all top 100 facilities on our website!

The First Tee of Central Ohio

The goal of The First Tee Central Ohio is to enhance and enrich the lives of our children by using the game of golf as a medium to teach our children a variety of life skills, core values, and healthy habits.

Children ages 6-18 can join The First Tee of Central Ohio. Special emphasis is placed on those who may not be able to play due to financial circumstances. Our program will work all families who are interested in this opportunity by providing financial assistance and equipment. Members will have access to sign up for The First Tee Life Skills programming and will have opportunity to utilize the learning center and golf course.

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